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Over the years, despite massive investments by local governments and others, India’s sanitation crisis has remained alive, with nearly half of the population heeding the call of nature in the open. Now, the historic Swachh Bharat Mission brings renewed hope for our nation, enabling challenges to be addressed as never before.

Certainly, the lack of toilets is one of the key issues. However, where there are toilets, the absence of their proper cleaning and maintenance has proven that the provision of hardware alone is not a sustainable solution. At the same time, in many instances, the use of public and household toilets--regardless of their newness or cleanliness--is simply not accepted by communities that are reluctant to change age-old patterns of relieving themselves in the outdoors.

All the while, India is plagued by the additional public health concerns, which include policy challenges, the lack of hygiene awareness and the lack of access to clean and sustainable water. Added together, the poor WASH (Water, Health & Hygiene) conditions of India result in a stunning loss of $53.8 billion in economic activity, or about 6.8% of its GDP.

The World Toilet College (WTC) started as a social enterprise in 2005 with the belief that there is a need for an independent world body to ensure best practices and standards in toilet design, cleanliness and sanitation technologies. While the lack of toilets is an endemic problem, poor management & hygienic maintenance are equally serious issues. A well-kept toilet will encourage proper usage and prevent deadly diseases.

The World Toilet College provides the knowledge and skills necessary towards directly addressing our nation’s pressing sanitation needs. As a result, Mother India will benefit from cleaner, healthier, more beautiful surroundings.

The World Toilet College offers the following courses:

  1. Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)
  2. Student-Led Total Sanitation (SLTS)
  3. Training of Sanitation Ambassadors
  4. Professional Wins (Wash in Schools) Teacher’s Training
  5. Capacity Development for Community Workers
  6. Toilet Building 101
  7. Healthy Homes and Families
  8. Professional Restroom and Toilet cleaning and Maintenance
  9. Behaviour Change Communications for a Swachh Bharat
  10. The Women for Wash Initiative
  11. Wash in Faith Training for Faith-Based Communities

Over the years, WTC has partnered with prestigious institutions including the Singapore Polytechnic. WTC has also obtained the Approved Training Organization accreditation for three consecutive years till 2012. WTC has conducted programmes and courses in countries like China (Hainan), Indonesia (Solo, Banda Aceh and Meulaboh), India (Tamil Nadu) and Singapore.

Since 2005, WTC has trained more than 5,000 people across its various courses and conducted programmes and courses in the following countries: India (Rishikesh and Tamil Naidu), China (Hainan), Indonesia (Solo, Banda Aceh, and Meulaboh), and Singapore.