Banega Swachh India is an Enhanced Part of Swachh Bharat Mission | BSI

Dettol Banega Swachh India campaign was started in 2014 in order to support and compliment the efforts of the “Swachh Bharat Mission” by the Government of India. The campaign was based on the pillars of driving behaviour change, ensuring mass reach, creating infrastructure, product access and key measurements.

Driving Behaviour Change

The ‘Banega Swachh India’ campaign aims to drive behaviour change among people by educating them about healthy hygiene & sanitary practices. This is the driving force behind all our activities. Towards this, we have developed robust on-ground programs – Swachhta Ki Paathshala, Swachhta ki Pehel, activations during melas, key religious congregations and so on. Click here to find out more.

Ensuring Mass Reach

Reaching out far and wide to the people of India is critical for the success of our program. We therefore constantly strive to strike the right media partnerships to help us do the same. Our partnerships with NDTV & Mr. Amitabh Bachchan as the ambassador for the campaign enabled us to create a huge impact and reach out to a wide audience. Mr. Bachchan gave out a clarion call asking people to keep “Mere10Guz” clean, which has today become a massive movement under the Banega Swachh India campaign. Click here to find out more.

Creating Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the backbone for the cause of a “Swachh India”. We do our bit towards building the right infrastructure and contribute to the Government’s efforts. In 2014, along with Swades Foundation, we had committed to build 25,000 toilets & provide safe water to 1 lakh+ households in rural Maharashtra. In “Towards a “Swachh Varanasi”, we have also introduced India’s first on-site sanitation technology based hi-tech toilets equipped with cloud based remote monitoring and waterless urinal technology system. The World Toilet College (WTC) was started as an educational institution in 2005 with the belief that there is a need for an independent world body to ensure best practices and standards in toilet design, cleanliness and sanitation technologies. Click here to find out more.

Product Access and Key Measurements

Measurement of the impact that our efforts are able to create are critical to the sustenance of the program. To this end, the Hygiene Index has been developed by Reckitt Benckiser, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and EY. It focuses on assessing the current hygiene status of different cities across India. We have a longstanding expertise in developing health and hygiene products that have been truly powerful in enabling healthier lives and happier homes. As India treads the tough path towards a “Swachh India”, we will leverage this expertise in Hygiene, to create innovative low cost product solutions in shaping the hygiene habits of consumers across the country. Click here to find out more.