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5 must-read tips for toilet cleaning

While cleaning a toilet might not be that great a job, it is extremely essential to do it regularly in order to make your home clean and hygienic. Don’t worry much though, as we have got some tips and tricks to get the situation under control.

1. Cleaning hard stains

Cleaning hard stains on marble can prove to be extremely taxing. But stains are ugly and need to be cleaned immediately in order to make the toilet look uniformly shiny. Use a mild cleaner, spray it on the bathroom floor and wait a few minutes for it to start working. Then clean with cold water.

2. Clean the toilet bowl regularly

Cleaning the toilet bowl is a mildly disgusting task but doing it regularly will only bring you benefits in the long run. Spray some basic cleaner on your toilet rims and seats and allow it to sit for a while. Soak your brush in water and clean it thoroughly for a shiny and odour-free toilet.

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3. Keep a toilet block handy

Making toilets odour-free is a great deal when you come to think of it. Make your everyday experience refreshing by keeping a toilet block handy. Just dip it in the cistern and wait for it to start acting!

You can use this one from Harpic for a cost-effective and thorough cleaning.

4. Toilet brush cleaning

As necessary as it is to clean the toilet, it is also necessary to clean the toilet brush at regular intervals. Pour a little bathroom cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner on your brush and wash it under the tap to clean.

5. Disinfect the bathroom after cleaning

Disinfect the entire bathroom with a light disinfectant after you are done with cleaning and scrubbing the toilet. This will prevent stray germs and bacteria from affecting the members of your family.

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