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Quick and easy house cleaning ideas to keep your home hygienic

Your 10 yards, begin with your home. A dirty house, is an unhygienic house and we all know that lack of hygiene can lead to diseases. Don’t worry much as we have some great tips and tricks up our sleeve to make sure that your home is hygienic. Check them out here.

1. Keep your toilet Hygienic

Toilets are an abode of germs and hence keeping them hygienic is of utmost importance for the well-being of the family. Use a strong toilet cleaner like Harpic to clean the toilet bowl everyday. Pro tip: Close the lid before flushing the toilet as bacteria can jump upto 1.5 m high and even land on your toothbrush!

2. Use a toilet cleaning block

They say the bathroom speaks volumes about your attitude towards cleanliness. Make sure you use a toilet cleaning block – both in the cistern and in the bowl. This will ensure you don’t fall prey to nasty odours. To help you, Harpic also has a great range of such products – Harpic Hygienic & Flushmatics.


3. Keep mosquitoes at bay

Cleanliness of the 10 yards around you is your responsibility. Don’t let stagnant water accumulate anywhere around your house as fresh water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes that cause malaria, chikunguniya and dengue. In case of a mosquito infestation, make sure that you keep a spray like Mortein handy.

4. Keep the floor clean and hygienic

Floors in our homes, witness dirt and germs of all kinds – bought in by us and our guest. It is hence important to both clean it and disinfect it on a daily basis. For marble floors, the thumb rule is to make sure that you never put something too acidic or alkaline on them. That will cause stains to appear which will not be easily removable since marble floors are easily affected/ eroded. Use a cleaner disinfectant like Lizol clean your floors.

5. Clean your Kitchen Sink & Surface Well to keep it hygienic

When it comes to the kitchen, you have to be extra careful to maintain good hygiene. Using a disinfectant based cleaner is important here too. Cleaning the kitchen sink regularly is extremely important since it is one of the places where dirt accumulation happens rapidly. So make sure you wipe the surface of the sink and shelf with a clean sponge soaked in a disinfectant every day after the work is done.

6. Wash dishes daily to ensure healthy meals

Just removing dirt from the dishes is not enough – here too, using a disinfectant cleaner is important. Use Dettol dishwash liquid for washing utensils and dry them before putting them back into the rack. Otherwise, there is a chance of them developing bacteria and other germs.

7. Pay attention to your mattress

The mattress is something we all forget about once it comes to everyday cleaning. So make sure that when you start spring cleaning, your mattress is on your priority list. Vacuum clean your mattress in the first place and then you can clean it with upholstery cleaner or mild suds. Finally spray it with a disinfectant to sanitize it.

8. Keep your clothes clean and hygienic

Whenever you put your clothes on the wash cycle, add a cap of Dettol Antiseptic liquid along with it. Not only will it make your clothes extra-clean, they will also smell nicer for a longer period of time.

9. Solve the problem of odours

The source of odour is always lack of cleanliness and hygiene. Kitchen odour is something we have a hard trouble getting rid of. They are extremely irritating and can make cooking food a menace. Nip it at the bud by throwing a few lemon rinds in the garbage disposal and flush the pipe with cold water. This will make sure that the smell does not come back.