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Struggling to find the right things to clean your home with? Find out here

Every now and then, we are faced with problems which seem small at first but turn out to be quite important at a later stage. For example, if you are trying to choose a home-cleaning product, you might choose any from the supermarket but whether it works for you is the bigger challenge.

If you have been stressing about the right cleaning products for some time now, it’s time to solve your worries! Check out the list below for some pointers.

  • Check out the ingredient list: Make sure to check out the ingredients list thoroughly. It is imperative that you do so because when it comes to the household, you cannot be extra-protective. Make sure that you match the list of ingredients with a list of safe ingredients that can be found online
  • Check out the certification of the product: When it comes to certifications, there can be quite a few markers but in general, you’ll find the toxicity of the product on its back and what harm it will cause if someone drinks it. Thus make sure to choose products that can be easily treated at home if ingested
  • Double-check “natural” and “eco-friendly”: Also make sure you don’t fall for the “natural” or “eco-friendly” bait. Most of the products available at the supermarket which claim these can easily be categorized as chemical-based. Look up the ingredient list and judge for yourself

Basic list of products you should have at home:

  • Floor cleaner: A floor cleaner is the most basic essential you can buy. Make sure it has antibacterial properties, smells nice and does not corrode your tiles. Also, make sure to store it in a safe place to keep out of the reach of children
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial liquid: Mix a little bit of antiseptic liquid in your bucket when you are mopping the floor. This will help ward off bacteria, fungi and the like
  • Mosquito spray: Mosquitoes define menace. Mosquito infestation can lead to malaria, dengue and the like and it is extremely important to nip that right in the bud. Keep a mosquito spray handy or try a mosquito-repellant balm
  • Toilet cleaner: Your toilet cleaner should be such that it can be used regularly without corroding the marble. Toilets are the places from where germ infestations start spreading. So clean your toilet regularly to keep germs from spreading

For starters, you can go with Dettol, Harpic and Mortein products as they have been certified as effective and safe-to-use by authorities. Incorporating a good cleaning routine in your daily life can make all the difference in the world!