Home Remedies To Keep Your Home Mosquito Free

Easy ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your neighbourhood

Every day we see thousands of people falling ill due to a disregard for mosquito control in their neighbourhood. But what can we do to help? What can be done to make sure that you or your neighbourhood doesn’t fall prey to deadly diseases like dengue, malaria etc.? Find out more from this article.

1. Plant a tree

Trees like Neem, Eucalyptus, Tulsi, and Lavender are found to have mosquito-repellent properties. Thus, planting several such trees in the area is going to repel the mosquitoes.

2. Light camphor at meeting points of two lanes

Camphor is one of the few natural substances that help in killing mosquitoes. Simply pick four-five touch points in the area that are also the meeting point of several lanes. Light a camphor at each of these spots. Doing this will limit the entry of the mosquitoes in your neighbourhood.

3. Make your home a mosquito-free zone:

Keep tight covers over cisterns, septic tanks, cesspools, rain barrels and tubs where water generally gets accumulated. Also, dry out stagnant pools, puddles, ditches or swampy places close to your house as much as possible. You can also install mosquito killing machines which emit UV rays to attract mosquitoes and kill them with a buzzing sound.

4. Not let water stagnate

The relation between the abundant presence of mosquitoes and the rainy season is simple. During Monsoon, water stagnates and finally becomes a shelter to mosquitoes. If there are any holes around in your locality, add kerosene to them.

5. Not let the garbage turn into a heap

Mosquitoes also tend to feed on the dumped waste. There should be a proper system to segregate and decompose the waste. Otherwise, these insects will find a residence in the heaps of garbage lying in the vicinity of your house.

6. Replacing water in birdbaths, at least, twice a week

It certainly is an act of kindness to feed birds with water. But make it a point to change the water two times in a span of seven days. Otherwise, you also would be feeding the mosquitoes in your community.

While you may be certain that the above few pointers will work if you want to keep it natural, if you want more powerful protection, you should be definitely going for products which specialize in getting rid of mosquitoes. Mortein has a whole range of products dedicated to this end. Choose from their